The New MyBMW App

?The new My BMW app* suits you just as perfectly as your BMW. It’s the direct connection to your vehicle, even when you’re not sitting in it, and to the world of BMW. Everyday life will be so much easier; whether it’s sending your next destination directly to your BMW, checking the range before your journey, or locking your vehicle remotely. The app will even help with servicing, letting you know when you need one and enabling you to book an appointment with your BMW Centre. With the My BMW app, discover carefree mobility – anytime, anywhere. Your World. My BMW. 


  •  Immediate access to vehicle status and functions
  • Direct access to your BMW Service
  • Smart e-mobility services for Electric and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles
  • Reliable navigation and map services for your trips
  • Regular updates and expansion of functions


With the My BMW app, you always have everything in view without having to go to your BMW. Is there enough range for a spontaneous trip? What is the mileage? Are all doors locked?


When is your BMW due for the next service? The My BMW App knows exactly what your vehicle needs and lets you know when your BMW needs servicing again. The My BMW App is also your direct line to your BMW authorised workshop. From 24/7 access to service booking, to making a service appointment with your pre-set preferred Centre, everything is done quickly, conveniently and without delay.


The My BMW App offers you a wide range of remote features for your vehicle. If, for example, you want to ventilate the interior before you go for a drive or, perhaps you are looking for your car and need to flash the headlights, this is easily achieved with your smartphone. Your BMW does not even have to be in sight. What’s more, you can also remotely update your BMW software using nothing more than the My BMW app.


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mybmw app

*The My BMW App is compatible with all BMW vehicles from the 2014 model year onwards in conjunction with the option ConnectedDrive Services and a compatible smartphone. The availability and functions of the My BMW App may vary depending on the country.??